Wednesday, August 03, 2005


...and stressed out but fortunately Kath has put on How Clean is your House? and forced me to leave the room!

This means I get to update my blog and moan about stuff at the same time. My meeting at BT Centre in London is off! Quite glad to be honest as it is 2 weeks since the last bomb attacks and 4 weeks since they all started.

Unfortunately it means my meeting is in Fleet instead....yay 3 hour journey in the morning and 3 hour journey home. Depending on whether I finish early or not will determine if I can make it to dancing which is a shame as its the first we'd have had since Bruce was injured in said 4 week ago bomb attacks....

In other news (and probably very boring for the readers of this blog) I feel like I should hurry up and change blog sites as there are pictures and videos I want be able to show on my blog without the rigamorole (spelling?) and having to find someone else to host them. The offers here sound fairly good and Alex is especially keen as he'll get a £35 referral payment!

I wish I had more time as I feel I'm getting drawn into the world of ARGs. We've just signed up to Perplex City by buying some puzzle cards and there seems to be a whole world out there about these ARGs. The only thing is when will I have the time to participate!

And best of all I've got a headache!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Still mulling it over.....

I think I probably will move my blog to Wordpress but first I've got to find somewhere to host it. Got a couple of leads but until I've got a bit of time on my hands I'm gonna wait.

Life is very busy at the moment, what with dancing, G&S and work in general. Plus the Summer months mean very little free time at the weekends. The weekend just gone was spent decorating sister in laws house and this upcoming weekend will be spent entertaining guests.

Oh the reason i posted was to show you this...brilliant!