Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wii-ing over Christmas

The Wii went on tour with us this year and was a resounding success!

My parents went a bit mad and it appears we played Wii Sports for about 5 hours on Christmas day...even my nan got up and playing. Bowling is awesome and tennis is pretty good too. Don't think Dad was too pleased that I beat him at Golf though. When I could wrestle my parents off it spent much of my time playing Zelda, with able assistance from K. Too many times I'd be stood there saying "How can I light that torch, I haven't got anything fiery" and K would point out the lantern stowed in my backpack!

I want to plough on and see the other dungeons and cut scenes but I almost don't as I know it'll be over soon. Can't really complain as I've racked up about 30 hours so far and I think there's still a couple of dungeons left.

I've also become slightly addicted to buying Virtual console games which I play only once before ignoring...

The Wii was also taken to Chris' and had a fair outing there as well. Chris himself may be buying one soon but I think Alex will be getting one as soon as he can find one to buy! There's Wii all over his blog at the moment. Here, here, here and here.


Part from the washing machine saga (see below) Christmas has been pretty good so far. Once we get past New year I'll post the photos so far and you can see for yourself. Alex has worked out how to do gifs so his blog is full of them right now...nice jumpers by the way!

Spent much of it in Derby with my parents and apart from some hysteria on the 23rd it was all plain sailing.

Got some lovely presents and feel very spoiled. They include the War on Terror game (which for a worrying minute I thought was Ipswich Monopoly that my parent's had bought for me) and seeking out the link for that makes me hope that wasn't how much Alex spent on it...naughty boy! I also got an iPod nano (do I need to link to it?) which I need to learn how to sync to my iTunes, and some whizzy Super Mario Kart pull back karts (Peach, Mario, Luigi & Bowser!). Despite not buying it for each other we have a tonne of chocolate to eat as well!

Did the rounds over the last few days and saw our friends and Ks family and came home day before yesterday, exhausted! Went shopping yesterday & today and managed to get costume stuff for New year (I'm playing Lucy Loveless this year and have got a lovely brown skirt to wear with pearls) and order the new sofa (which despite our missing out last time is back in the sale for even less than last time!)

The problem with the sofa is that K wants to time the carpets to be done prior to it arriving so we're now in full DIY mode!

Washing Machine Saga

Just to say it's ongoing can read about it here, here, here, here, here and here.

Just dropped K of at the laundrette and managed to drop a T-shirt on the way. Fortunately a nice, old, drunk bellowed across the street that I had and I was able to retrieve it!

Also used up the entire household supply of towel & tea towels mopping up last night's flood...its basically a big pain in the arse!


I didn't realise it had been quite so long since I'd last blogged so I've got a bit of catching up to do.

I'll spread it over a few blog entries I think, help make it easier to read!

Since the 8th we've been to 2 pantos! The second was the Ipswich Wolsey Rock & Roll panto (Dick Whittington) and as usual was fab! Becks & Ralph came along and we had a great time. Also tried out the new Wolsey seats, very comfy!

The first was Cinderella at Nottingham. This was much better than last year and we went with the usual Notts gang. Before it started I spotted a load of G&S people from just before we all joined including my ex-flatmate and ex-girlfriend. They hadn't spotted us and I was in 2 minds about going over...I didn't want to be made to feel guilty about not keeping in touch and I wasn't sure how I'd feel speaking to ex. The first interval passed by and I still sat there anxious, but when the second one came and I needed the loo I had no excuse to not speak to them as I walked passed on the way back to my seat. Very glad I did in the end. It wasn't weird at all and got re-acquainted with my ex-flatmate! The panto was pretty good too.

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's here....

....and its good!

We're just taking a little break while I register it so I can start to buy stuff off its online shop! Luckily it located my wireless hub in seconds and was online super quick...can't wait until the web browser, Weather & News services start...should be fun! Had a great time creating a couple of Miis (avatars that are used in the message boards and in some games designed for them) as well. I'm not convinced about mine but Ks is spot on!

Enjoyed a bit of WiiPlay but couldn't get the hang of billiards so we rested from that. Tennis (part of WiiSports) is good but K thinks there's something wrong with the controls...I think we're just crap at tennis, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Still yet to try Zelda, Monkey ball & Rabbids but there's still time before bed!

I can't believe its finally here though...I remember putting my 45 day count down on the blackboard...its flown by!

Waiting at home for Wii

Its been dispatched but hasn't yet arrived...sigh! At least I didn't spend 8 hours queuing in Asda yesterday like a certain sibling I know!

I've been contenting myself with waiting in for the washing machine man (and now K is home) popping out to buy Wii stuff that my online provider is not able to fulfill.

I've also done this quiz...

...which had some pretty accurate things to say about me!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


So much for updating regularly!

Am forced onto the computer as K is downstairs watching Monk! We more or less finished our christmas shopping today and apart from a few bits on the internet and I want to look through it all and K is downstairs drinking tea!

Anyway...the world (video game world anyways) went mad this past week as both PS3 & Wii were released in Japan and the US. Only 6 more days to go before it comes out here! Trying not to think about it too much as I've become a little obessed! Check out for some cool stuff and also Mission in Snowdrift Land for a Nintendo themed advent calendar.