Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A quick tip for all you people who like to sleep...don't ever sign up to play online Werewolf. Especially with a baby in the house where the importance of sleep only goes up!

Essentially a group of people with some as werewolves and some as villagers. The wolves know who each other is but everyone else is clueless. Each play cycle sees the villagers voting on who they think is a wolf (who then gets lynched) and then the wolves vote on who to eat. The dead players are revealed including what roles they were so everyone always knows the ration of villagers to wolves. The villagers win when the wolves are all killed and the wolves win when thy reach parity (same number) as the villagers.

So far in the game I'm playing in we've managed to lynch 2 villagers in a row! And we're down to 3 villagers and 2 wolves! In the mix is a potential sorcerer who will vote with wolves! Nightmare!

Thanks to BoardGameGeek for making this possible!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marzipan - Raw Eggs? Who knew?!?

Just had my third (and last) slice of a very delicious simnell cake that the mother-in-law sent over for Easter. I have discovered that marzipan is another in a long line of things I've discovered I quite like that I previously thought I didn't! (these include brie and fried mushrooms).

Anyway, looked up some recipes so I could make my own marzipan (as this cake seemed to have a much grainier, less artificial marzipan taste) and discovered that it has raw eggs in it! Or am I just looking up the wrong recipes?!?!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Addicted to Baby

I literally cannot stop taking pictures of Zachary!

Current favourites...

In the hospital before he got ill

Meeting Auntie Becky

Coming home from hospital

Cuddles with Daddy

And my current top favourite...pensive, thoughtful baby!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Up my sleeve!

Whilst flailing about for a towel to wipe Zachary's bottom (cotton wool just gets stuck) I failed to notice the stream of wee...which managed to go up the sleeve of my jumper!! At least there was no continuous flow of poo this time! And it doesn't seem to wash out! Its alien freaky poo!

It didn't help that all the towels seem to be in the wash cycle at the moment and he's running out of clothes! (Despite my addition to buying them whenever I can).

He had 5 changes the other day, 3 from weeing on himself whilst being changed, once while pooing on himself whilst being changed (happened in the middle of the night so was interesting to try to work out what was different about him when I picked him up in the morning) and the final most embarrassing reason for a change? Mummy dropping chocolate on him!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dirty Boy!

The silence is shattered by a rumbling noise...

The force of nature is still in slumber...

A squelch follows, laughter erupts...

Zachary's nappy is full!

Stamina pt 1

I'm sure most parents out there already know this but Stamina is a trait well needed when starting the journey into parenthood.

Since we're now all safe and well I thought I'd just share with you the first few days of Zachary's life and the stamina I needed. I suppose I should be napping (like K & Z are at the moment) but now seems like a good opportunity to do this blog entry.

Wednesday 12.30am - K wakes up to go to the loo and then says..."Leigh, my waters have broken!" We were both remarkably calm thinking about it. Often waters don't break until contractions has started so this was kind of a surprise. We mopped up (helpfully K was perched on the edge of the bed when this happened so managed to miss the mattress protector entirely. We called the hospital and they advised us to go back to bed and come in again at 9am in the morning. Since K has me so well trained I was concerned about the kitchen being a mess so I spent 30 minutes doing the washing up before going back to bed.

Wednesday 2.30am - We both realise that we're just lying in bed awake too excited to sleep! I put on a CD of G&S overtures that allows us to think about something else and time passes.

Wednesday 4.00-5.00am - The CD has finished and I think I must have got some sleep in this hour as it passed by too quickly.

Wednesday 7.00am - Since I'm just lying there awake I get up. K tells me she's started to have contractions so we get ready to go to the hospital.

So far I've been awake since 7.00am Tuesday morning (24 hours) and got about 3 hours sleep.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Middle Name Meme

Spotted this over on Dogwood tales and thought I'd start off a new round of blogging with it.

Take your middle name and then reveal 5 facts based on the letters of it. Since my middle name is Bobby I've got a lot of B's to deal with! Here goes...

B - Boy/Bundle of Joy. We just brought home Zachary from the hospital and he really is the most gorgeous thing I have EVER seen in my life. He's 8 days old today.

O - Opera. Specifically the Light Operatic works of Gilbert & Sullivan. I have performed in a lot of them, met lifelong friends through a University G&S society and met K, the light of my life. Have started singing them to Zachary to help settle him down.

B - Boardgames. Always an eager boardgame fan as a youngster but my passion has been reignited via the new wave of modern boardgames. My obssession is helpfully fed via BoardGameGeek.

B - Batman (and superhero comics in general). Favourite Batman comics include The Long Halloween and Hush. I do like Superhero team up books so most of my collection is JLA, Avengers, The Authority but I am partial to a bit of Ms Marvel.

Y - Yogurt. Y is such a difficult letter to find something from so I plumped for Yogurt. We make our own and I love the fcat that it always comes out different!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Still no sign!

After a great weekend away we're now back to a holding pattern of waiting for baby to arrive!

The final bits of clothes have now been washed (including a "I love my Daddy" jumpsuit for when baby comes home). I'm really looking forward to it but there's nothing to be done but wait.

I must admit its going to be a little odd though as all the important people to tell about the birth have all said that they only want to know when it's all done with (i.e. when the baby has arrived). Hopefully the labour won't be too long otherwise I'm going to have no-one to tell other than K (who presumably will be aware what's going on!)

Managed to resist the urge to spend more money on board games helps that we've already instigated the "Leigh pays for everything policy" and I can see what's left in my account to spend on frivolities. Its really good actually as some of the games I've bought over the last 2 months I have probably only played once! I'm not even going to mention the video games I haven't even put in their prospective video game consoles!