Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Up my sleeve!

Whilst flailing about for a towel to wipe Zachary's bottom (cotton wool just gets stuck) I failed to notice the stream of wee...which managed to go up the sleeve of my jumper!! At least there was no continuous flow of poo this time! And it doesn't seem to wash out! Its alien freaky poo!

It didn't help that all the towels seem to be in the wash cycle at the moment and he's running out of clothes! (Despite my addition to buying them whenever I can).

He had 5 changes the other day, 3 from weeing on himself whilst being changed, once while pooing on himself whilst being changed (happened in the middle of the night so was interesting to try to work out what was different about him when I picked him up in the morning) and the final most embarrassing reason for a change? Mummy dropping chocolate on him!

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