Monday, November 29, 2004

Hmm can't get links to work.

Ok so my link didn't work....hmmm!

Let me try again...I've just managed to change my template so it shouldn't be too hard to get HTML links in here....

I can do italics but for some reaso i can't do links...I wonder if its the browser I'm using?? I'm using Firefox 1.0....

No can't get them to show...I may have to ask my friend...

How to enter links onto blogs?

Hmm....I guess I need to use the HTML function if I want to put working links into my blogs....sigh! Its been a while since I used HTML so I was hoping to avoid's a small test

I wonder if it worked...its only when I publish this I'll know...ooh the excitement.

I find it quite frustrating how quickly my brain loses knowledge, and also how at work I cannot spell Brian (the name) without typing Brain (the organ) and in this blog I have just done it the other way around. I had thought it was a mental association with some very clever Brian's I know but it seems that maybe I'm just a little typing dyslexic....

Perhaps I'll look that up and post if I find anything.

My first entry

So I've finally started a blog! I'm sat in front of my PC and waiting for something to happen on an online game I participate in. While I was waiting I thought'd I'd check out my friends blog ( That then prompted me to start my own, so here it is!

Not sure excatly what I'm going to put in it but it might be fun to try out for a while. My friend Alex seems to have many interesting things in his but I'll have to see how mine pans out.

I guess that's enough for now although a number of new links could be put in at this point to show what I've been upto. I think I'll wait for the time being and put them in later. Its nearly 11:30 and I have a busy day tomorrow.