Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Has it really been so long?

K has nagged me to start doing my blog again but it was only until I read a friend's blog about gardening that I have been inspired to have a look again and see how I get on.

There are a number of things I want to use this for but we'll just have to see how successful I am! This of course may be the most productive week as I am currently off work and any excuse to escape the children downstairs is to be grabbed with both hands.

I suppose that's the biggest change...we are now a family of 4 and not 3. My son Leo James Caple (named for me and my brother) was born 22nd November 2009, a mere 6 months after my last blog entry, that sure makes it seem a long time ago!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I suppose I should be grateful...

We found out today that there will be no pay rises or even any bonuses for me this year. Bummer! I do understand the economic conditions we're in but it feels like my excellent year's appraisal and over achievement against my objectives was for nothing this year. It's not even as if I can carry them forward until next year! How am I going to afford to import German designer board games now?

Anyway, in unrelated news our fat ball has gone missing!

This was the ball that hung by the shed and got ignored by the birds. Then got squashed by the builders and left untouched. Hung on the new pergola and ignored again. Finally taken down by me, poked around a bit and suddenly the birds are all over it! Well at least they were. This morning it was gone!! So either a) the aliens have got it, b) there's a really strong pigeon hanging around or c) a fox/cat has taken it although how they got it over the fence I don't know!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


For clement weather!

Lawn mowed, potting done and overhanging trees pruned! This leaves the weekend free for hole digging and BBQs!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Weather

Oh how I wish the weather would sort itself out! Rain or sun, I don't mind either, its the constant flip flopping between the 2 every 5 minutes that's really getting on my wick!

I finally managed to get an hour outside this evening to plant up some, well, plants and now I'm typing this with "Gardener's Hands".

You may have noticed a slight change on my blog these past few days (ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged for nearly 6 months) as I decided that a new splurge of blogging deserved a new theme. Hopefully I'm gonna keep it up this time (fnarr) and keep upto date with what's going on...my life is very busy at the moment!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Post Apocalyptic Nightmare

I haven't blogged properly for a while and I find that I'm on lunch with K & Z nowhere to be seen! To be fair K might have decided not to come home as I'm not sure how much I'll want to eat so I might just have a full hour of solitude.

Anyway, I don't know whether its just a coincidence but my entertainment currently consists of various views of post-apocalyptic nightmares. After playing Fallout 3 on the Xbox I worry that I clearly don't have the skills needed to survive in a wasteland, let alone find my estranged father!

Charlie Brooker's Dead Set has made me realise that with the exception of the front door our house is fairly fortified but I could just about manage shambling zombies, running screaming ones would probably kill me very easily.

And finally Survivors has shown that we should probably get some bottled water in the house although with my sickly nature I think I'd be one of the first to go to a strange flu like virus. Deep joy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The official website is pretty good too!


Have you seen the new trailer for the Star Trek reboot?

Pretty good!

Monday, November 17, 2008

B is for Bleaugh!

A rare opportunity has arisen to update my blog as I'm off work looking after Kathryn & Zachary.

Out of nowhere K & I have both been struck down with some kind of gastric flu and boy its not been a fun 24 hours. I have finally managed a cup of tea and some toast but Kath is still suffering, poor girl.

And now I have the opportunity I seem I am bereft of stuff to write about. I could blog about the auction (2 tea sets and a blanket box), Z's constant wakefulness (the fact he's crawling means he wakes and sleep crawls and cries when he reaches a corner) but I think I'm going to carry on watching Arrested Development until I feel better.