Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So very tired....

Had a hellacious day at work involving lots and lots of spreadsheets and wanted to just fall onto the sofa and veg out tonight. Unfortunately tuesday night is dancing night! I would have happily missed it but we haven't been for 3 weeks for one reason or another and we tend to forget anything if we don't practise.

Anyway had our first taste of the Tango and it was great. Trying to keep your knees bent, thighs touching your partners and creeping along the floor in time to the music was really hard but quite fun as well! Also did some botafogos (not sure of that spelling!) in the Samba which are quite good. If I remember I will find some links to these dances and post them here.

Got another exciting spreadsheet filled day tomorrow and the prospect of writing christmas cards in the evening. I still don't feel very christmassy! I'm usually full of christmas cheer from November onwards but I'm finding it a struggle this year, perhaps its a consequence of getting old.

Right time for bed....hopefully that'll help with the tiredness.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Catch Up.....

Ok so I've now managed to change my settings so that I don't have to change the time each time I publish a blog. I'm getting there slowly!

I keep popping over to read my friend's blog Nile's Blog and it always amazes me that he has so much to write about! I think about what I'm writing and I find it dull most of the time but his seems to be interesting. I guess other people's lives do seem more fascinating.

Well its sunday night and I supposed to be engaged on my usual Sunday night activity which is my International internet game. As often happens we are having server difficulties so I'm waiting for it to be fixed. The game I'm playing is Neverwinter Nights. This is Dungeons & Dragons basically but over the net with flashy graphics and a programme to do all the calculating bits. I used to play D&D when I was a lad but it stopped after University. Anyway I'm supposed to be playing with 2 people from the states and one form Scotland. I find it quite amazing that this is actually possible at all...I think its very easy to take this kind of stuff for granted! There seems to be movement on the server front so I'll publish and maybe come back later.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Ok so I can now create links. Hands up it was my fault, I really was forgetting how to use the tags properly.

So now that I am able to do this I find that I have run out of time to start to put in the things I wanted to talk about. I've spent the day recovering from a conference that was many weeks in the coming and that I opened with the first 'presentation'. Nerve racking stuff in a broadcast quality auditorium with 5 cameras pointed at you and the diembodied face of the unit's business director peering at you from the control room!

Anyway I have guests arriving in 20 minutes and the house is a tip. We're going to see the Incredibles later so I shall be sure to record my thoughts later.

Still trying to get links to work

Ok...so my friend has given me some tips and I should be sorted now....

Alex's page . So you should be able to link to my friend's homepage from the link on the left.....

If this has worked I'll be able to share lots of things with you all.

Right I'm going to publish and test....

Monday, November 29, 2004

Hmm can't get links to work.

Ok so my link didn't work....hmmm!

Let me try again...I've just managed to change my template so it shouldn't be too hard to get HTML links in here....

I can do italics but for some reaso i can't do links...I wonder if its the browser I'm using?? I'm using Firefox 1.0....

No can't get them to show...I may have to ask my friend...

How to enter links onto blogs?

Hmm....I guess I need to use the HTML function if I want to put working links into my blogs....sigh! Its been a while since I used HTML so I was hoping to avoid it....here's a small test

I wonder if it worked...its only when I publish this I'll know...ooh the excitement.

I find it quite frustrating how quickly my brain loses knowledge, and also how at work I cannot spell Brian (the name) without typing Brain (the organ) and in this blog I have just done it the other way around. I had thought it was a mental association with some very clever Brian's I know but it seems that maybe I'm just a little typing dyslexic....

Perhaps I'll look that up and post if I find anything.

My first entry

So I've finally started a blog! I'm sat in front of my PC and waiting for something to happen on an online game I participate in. While I was waiting I thought'd I'd check out my friends blog (www.niles.org.uk/blog). That then prompted me to start my own, so here it is!

Not sure excatly what I'm going to put in it but it might be fun to try out for a while. My friend Alex seems to have many interesting things in his but I'll have to see how mine pans out.

I guess that's enough for now although a number of new links could be put in at this point to show what I've been upto. I think I'll wait for the time being and put them in later. Its nearly 11:30 and I have a busy day tomorrow.