Sunday, December 05, 2004

Catch Up.....

Ok so I've now managed to change my settings so that I don't have to change the time each time I publish a blog. I'm getting there slowly!

I keep popping over to read my friend's blog Nile's Blog and it always amazes me that he has so much to write about! I think about what I'm writing and I find it dull most of the time but his seems to be interesting. I guess other people's lives do seem more fascinating.

Well its sunday night and I supposed to be engaged on my usual Sunday night activity which is my International internet game. As often happens we are having server difficulties so I'm waiting for it to be fixed. The game I'm playing is Neverwinter Nights. This is Dungeons & Dragons basically but over the net with flashy graphics and a programme to do all the calculating bits. I used to play D&D when I was a lad but it stopped after University. Anyway I'm supposed to be playing with 2 people from the states and one form Scotland. I find it quite amazing that this is actually possible at all...I think its very easy to take this kind of stuff for granted! There seems to be movement on the server front so I'll publish and maybe come back later.

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