Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So very tired....

Had a hellacious day at work involving lots and lots of spreadsheets and wanted to just fall onto the sofa and veg out tonight. Unfortunately tuesday night is dancing night! I would have happily missed it but we haven't been for 3 weeks for one reason or another and we tend to forget anything if we don't practise.

Anyway had our first taste of the Tango and it was great. Trying to keep your knees bent, thighs touching your partners and creeping along the floor in time to the music was really hard but quite fun as well! Also did some botafogos (not sure of that spelling!) in the Samba which are quite good. If I remember I will find some links to these dances and post them here.

Got another exciting spreadsheet filled day tomorrow and the prospect of writing christmas cards in the evening. I still don't feel very christmassy! I'm usually full of christmas cheer from November onwards but I'm finding it a struggle this year, perhaps its a consequence of getting old.

Right time for bed....hopefully that'll help with the tiredness.

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