Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calm before the Storm

Apart from a few odds & sods (collapsing bed & cot, taking legs off sofa, wrapping TV, emptying last remnants from fridge etc) I think we're almost there.

To be honest I thought I would feel more sad at leaving our house of nearly 7 years (our first) and moving away from Ipswich where we've lived for nearly 8 years now. I don't know whether its because of the trauma of moving but it hasn't given me chance to stop and think about the things I'm going to miss. Since having Z I gotten so fed up of stuff everywhere that at this stage its almost a relief to be moving.

What will be nice is that we can come back for holidays to Suffolk. There are some lovely places along the Suffolk coast but never far enough away to justify holidaying there when you live so close by.

The coming week is likely to be mental...not least all the unpacking and getting new furniture to put on the unpacking on/in. We've tried really hard to sort stuff as we've gone along and loads has gone to the tip or to charity, but I fear we're still going to have too much stuff for the new house. I sense a really serious cull is in order even if it means getting rid of some boardgames! We found an old copy of Atmosfear in the loft yesterday and part of me wants to add it to my collection on BGG but then another more sensible part says that since the video player is in storage why am I keeping a game that relies on a video to play? I think its time to be brutal (and of course brutality means I can justify buying new games to replace it! Ones that we'll actually play!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rather dull word representation of my blog. Andby that I mean the words are dull...not the striking nature of the image! Thanks to Wordle

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lovely East Anglia

Guilty Update

OK forced to update my blog and tidy up a few things since I may get an influx of visitors due to the 'accursed black box'. Actually its quite a neat little widget that redirects you to blogs of others who've answered various questions in a vaguely similar manner to you. It can be seen in my previous post.

Um this is rare for me actually as I'm writing a blog entry while I'm at work, which is somethign Iwouldn't normally do. But since I work from home and K & Z are doing another stop on their farewell tour of East Anglia and I can't bug them I'm doing thsi instead. And from a different computer so I'm not wasting work resources!

The house is in various states of 'packed'. The front room looks a little bare, my office is a tip and Z's usually calm haven of a nursery is now a treacherous assault course design to bruise shins whenever a nappy change is required. To the observant among you this means we have now sold and bought houses and we should be moving in a few short days (Monday to be precise). Obviously this is all still dependent on numerous things solicitors need to do (not least actually exchanging bloody contracts!). Having been badgered by both sides of our chain ("We're ready what's the hold up?", "We need to move before our holiday") Monday's exchange day descended into farce. We'd signed and returned ours a week ago and the first snafu was our buyers ("holiday") not having signed their forms and having to rush into their solicitor's to sort it out. Then it turns out the sellers ("hold up?") hadn't done theirs either!

Our solicitor assures me everything is all set for Monday so removals have been booked and my 2 new company car test drives moved to a new city.

I have decided against a cat picture (always a favourite with the 'net it seems) so hopefully any new visitors won't mind too much. Instead you'll have to imagine a funny cat picture you saw somewhere else.


This is addictive! I should be working or packing not visiting other people's blogs!