Friday, March 14, 2008

Middle Name Meme

Spotted this over on Dogwood tales and thought I'd start off a new round of blogging with it.

Take your middle name and then reveal 5 facts based on the letters of it. Since my middle name is Bobby I've got a lot of B's to deal with! Here goes...

B - Boy/Bundle of Joy. We just brought home Zachary from the hospital and he really is the most gorgeous thing I have EVER seen in my life. He's 8 days old today.

O - Opera. Specifically the Light Operatic works of Gilbert & Sullivan. I have performed in a lot of them, met lifelong friends through a University G&S society and met K, the light of my life. Have started singing them to Zachary to help settle him down.

B - Boardgames. Always an eager boardgame fan as a youngster but my passion has been reignited via the new wave of modern boardgames. My obssession is helpfully fed via BoardGameGeek.

B - Batman (and superhero comics in general). Favourite Batman comics include The Long Halloween and Hush. I do like Superhero team up books so most of my collection is JLA, Avengers, The Authority but I am partial to a bit of Ms Marvel.

Y - Yogurt. Y is such a difficult letter to find something from so I plumped for Yogurt. We make our own and I love the fcat that it always comes out different!

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