Saturday, December 30, 2006


Part from the washing machine saga (see below) Christmas has been pretty good so far. Once we get past New year I'll post the photos so far and you can see for yourself. Alex has worked out how to do gifs so his blog is full of them right now...nice jumpers by the way!

Spent much of it in Derby with my parents and apart from some hysteria on the 23rd it was all plain sailing.

Got some lovely presents and feel very spoiled. They include the War on Terror game (which for a worrying minute I thought was Ipswich Monopoly that my parent's had bought for me) and seeking out the link for that makes me hope that wasn't how much Alex spent on it...naughty boy! I also got an iPod nano (do I need to link to it?) which I need to learn how to sync to my iTunes, and some whizzy Super Mario Kart pull back karts (Peach, Mario, Luigi & Bowser!). Despite not buying it for each other we have a tonne of chocolate to eat as well!

Did the rounds over the last few days and saw our friends and Ks family and came home day before yesterday, exhausted! Went shopping yesterday & today and managed to get costume stuff for New year (I'm playing Lucy Loveless this year and have got a lovely brown skirt to wear with pearls) and order the new sofa (which despite our missing out last time is back in the sale for even less than last time!)

The problem with the sofa is that K wants to time the carpets to be done prior to it arriving so we're now in full DIY mode!

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