Friday, December 09, 2005

Nothing to say really

I wish I could be more motivated to fill in my blog! My wife has all but given up on her's which is a shame as she does come up with some gems. Think kind thoughts so she'll tell us all about 'Textures of Pears'. I would but I think I got a little hysterical about it and I don't trust myself not to go off on one!

You have the pleasure of my blog as I'm waiting for the weekend to boss IMed me (I know IMisn't a verb but I can't be arsed to type the whole thing) and said he would call me at 16:50 just before I shut my PC down. I'm at home now and its 17:15 and still no call...the weekend can't start until I can relax!

Although I do need to leap into action and make dinner as soon as I'm finished. We wasted our one takeway a week on pizza last night as I didn't get home from work 'til 7 and nothing was gonna make me cook after the shitty day I'd had. Especially as the journey home from Leavseden gave me ample oppurtunity to fester on it and then Kath's Textures of Pears debacle topped it all off.

On the bright side barring 3 gifts Christmas shopping all done and we're really swinging into the Christmas season. We have the KCJ works Christams do tomorrow and in a break from tradition is actually near to Christmas. Not sure what I'm going to wear but I'll have to have a look!

Better go and find out if the boss still wants to talk to me!

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Kat said...

Hi Leigh
How come you never get those terrible "Buy your timber here" adverts? I seem to get them all the time - must be the bad spelling that does it! How was Christmas and New Year? Hope you had an excellent one. We both did and I am revelling with a fab digi camera...I'll have to take some shots and post them on my blog. Am also now the proud owner of Le Creuset - Yay!Well, keep posting! Like following both your adventures - by the way, have only just managed to look at Nat's wedding pics - how on earth did you manage to get so many of Dean - I am usually threatened with a slow and violent death or the washing up!!