Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Buttery Boxers

Ok so I’m finally putting in a blog entry that is meaningful and longer than a couple of sentences!

Kath has spurred me into action with her flurry of activity, which I think in turn was spurred on by Alex’s classic offerings. The Laundrette entry was pretty special! It reminded me of my laundrette experiences at Uni as well. Firstly the laundrette was a last resort, jeans are great for wearing to death! I even remember buying an extra large pack of butter from the supermarket to get the free boxer shorts. I had Golden Churn on my boxers and they were blue and yellow striped. It didn’t seem odd at the time but thinking about it now…free boxer shorts with a tub of imitation butter?!?! What were they thinking?!?!

Anyway Chris and I used to load everything into machines at Broadgate flats, late of an evening, secure any necessary change from Eula and Mula (Mother of Eula) from the Broadgate Flats shop and then drive my car in a random direction for an hour. I remember getting fairly near to Loughborough one time before turning back to collect our washing…ahh, those were the days!

1 comment:

Niles said...

An hour? To get to Loughborough?!

Am just starting to think that the laundrette might be a good place to leave bookcrossing books.