Wednesday, April 18, 2007


No sooner than you get a bit of time off your body decides its time to catch a cold! Nothing too bad but a lot of nose blowing and some coughing, missed blood donating though, didn't want to feel any grottier (and there's nothing quite like giving blood to make you feel all funny!)

Good news is that the spare room is mostly sorted out now. Everything put back and it feels much more spacious! I'll post some photos when I have the energy to take some!

Hopefully my plants will arrive tomorrow (they've shipped according to the website) so that'll give me something to do. Still can't get twitter to work...emailed support again to see what they suggest.

K is making plans for my birthday already! Today she bought a bubble machine and I learned she's considering getting a Mr. Whippy machine as well! I can't wait!

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