Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back & Brown!

Just got back from camping and was really glad we took a risk and went despite the weather forecasts.

The first evening was great and we managed to get set up in record time and had a great barbeque and fire....



The following day was spent eating a lot (I think I put on about 4 pounds in 3 days!) and drifting down river getting tanned for 3 hours...fantastic!


Then the mist descended and we had a quiet night (especially after my disaster with the charcoal)


The next morning a mercy dash to Morrisons ended in disaster with a splashing incident of some cyclists and an argument with a log by the side of the road...


Luckily the weather really cheered up and we managed to get lost in a fantastic maze at Priory Maze at Beeston Regis.


A quick trip over to Blakeney Point....


And a giant penis at Sheringham!


Finally back to the site (which was very basic, toilets you really don't want to use and the pervading smell of chicken shit, it was a working chicken farm after all!) to pack up and head off for a quick pub meal and then home!



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