Saturday, June 14, 2008

Food Update

In the excitement that is my working week I fogot to update on my cooking exploits.

The homemade marzipan was great when in the fridge but as soon as it came out it turned into a sticky mess...I think adding the eggs a bit at a time in the future is the way to go.


Despite the struggle at getting it to stay on and not glue itself to the board it turned out OK for a first attempt. And despite looks it tasted delicious.

Also managed to make a batch of Elderflower cordial. The recipe here, originally taken from Alex's blog, is a lie. It makes 2 litres (or at least it does when I make it).


And all my nice glass bottles are boxed and in the Midlands so this year's elderflower cordial is stored in Fanta, IrnBru, Cherry Coke and Sprite 500ml bottles, handily sterilised in the baby steriliser! It tastes especially nice when mixed with Champagne!

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Niles said...

Prob too late, but Manda, who I initially got the recipe from, says: The lemon slices are delicious and should be saved and used in a cake or cocktail immediately, I can even eat them straight from the dish.

I didn't get around to it in time, and most of the flowers are berries now already. Will have to look out for elderberry recipes.