Saturday, October 18, 2008

Post Storm Update pt 2

I've made the obvious mistake of leaving this update far too long as I can now barely remember what happened in the week after we moved. Random thoughts (and in no particular order).

* I surprised myself (and K) at how calm I remained in IKEA when we spent 3 hours (and a significant portion of cash) trying to find appropriate furniture for the house. Z sucking the face off his own reflection in a wardrobe helped keep the mood light (and thanks to Krista & Chris for keeping Z amused for so long!)

* I love my new kitchen and the baking mojo has returned! The ice-cream maker is providing a continuous supply of fattening treats and K is doing loads of great cooking too.

* We have space enough so that nothing is hidden away in boxes and all our books and things are on display.

* Having Mum & Dad so close hasn't been terrible (although they were away for 2 weeks so that probably helped a bit!) and apart from wanting to stab Dad with a screwdriver when he was helping us unpack we haven't had any fallings out.

* Its great to have my brother so close (but not so great when he gets rushed into hospital!) and having him discover a joy for cooking.

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Kat said...

The joys of family - screwdrivers and stabbings sometimes feature in my revenge scenarios too.

Glad the house is sooo lovely - been spending a huge amount on cook books - I promise to catalogue them soon and send you a list to peruse. x