Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bath Abbey

Originally uploaded by Leighbob.
Thought I'd just upload this picture as I'm feeling sorry for myself! Work has been a bugger this week and its like my holiday never happened!

Sometimes I just feel stuck in the middle of warring parents (old boss, new boss) trying to please everyone! And for some reason I feel the need to do extra time and not cme home til late...what's wrong with me?

Anyway another long day behind me and now Kath has deserted me and gone to orchestra...sigh!

What I'd like to be doing is vegging in front of the TV and watching Arrested Development DVDs but because Kath wants to watch them too I have to wait...

Also gone back to aerobics twice this week and boy do I must be doing me some good though!


sheetalsuresh said...

Hmm. i think it is life this is my first comment to anyone in a blog..u are the luckiest one lol..nice to see u'r blog..

Leigh said...

Thanks for the comment! Things much better at work now!