Sunday, November 13, 2005

Diary of the Show pt 1

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I'm off work for a week! Hooray! Had a truly terrible day at work on friday so am very glad to be off for the next 7 days. The reason? It's show week!

We're performing in The Mikado at the Ipswich Corn Exchange and I thought I would keep a track of the week using my blog and so provide blog updates at the same time...something which I've neglected over the past weeks.

First things week starts the friday before with the lovely costume wife is modelling her wig so beautifully in the photo you see here. For the full set of Mikado photos, including my wig and costume click here.

This week will also give me a good opportunity to relax and put in some serious videogame time. My plan is to try and finish as many as I can so that the inevitable onslaught of new christmas titles can be bought and enjoyed!

I'm currently enjoying Half-life 2, Nintendogs, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, X-Men 2: Rise of Apocolypse, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, James Bond: Everything or Nothing plus I've still got to finish Baten Kaitos. If I'm very good I might even play Resident Evil 4 again!

Other things that need doing include my time recording and expenses for work (forgot to do them on Friday) and a lot of origami for the show.

We have the first rehearsal in the Corn Exchnage tonight so I'll post my impressions later.

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