Monday, May 28, 2007

Bank Holiday Blues

Its 8.30am on Bank Holiday Monday and I'm life is thrill a minute. Its also raining and has been for the last 24 hours at least. I can foresee a lot of sitting around, playing video games and watching DVDs today. Although after a cider sauce debacle on Saturday I may need to pop out and buy a new lidded saute pan.

I've actually got a fair amount of blogging to catch up on as I haven't really been in the mood over the last week...where to start?

Video game round up...

Managed to get hold of a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance for £15 from Game last week (half price offer plus points from previous shops) and so far we're really enjoying it. The gesture recognition system seems a little wonky but my biggest problem is having a clue about who we should have in the team! Obviously a nice bonus is if you can assemble a recognisable team (for the bonuses) but so far it appears that Iceman, Spiderman, Mr & Mrs Fantastic haven't ever teamed up in the comics! K is playing as Spiderman and I'm controlling Iceman. We're just working our way around some of th others to see what they are like. I'm pretty sure Mr Fantastic has secured a long term place if only for his Propeller Arms! Its good that there is a selection of lesser known heroes in there to chose from, Spider Woman for starters but its also got Luke Cage & Ms if only there was Jessica Jones!

Also picked up a copy of Mario Strikers charged Football and found myself really enjoying online matches! They are certainly very tense! I just need to find some friends who have it now. (369467 799525)

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