Monday, May 28, 2007

Job Satisfaction?

We went to visit R&R in Norwich yesterday and had lunch with K's Aunty Pat as well as Gerry & Chrissie.

Quite a good time was had by all I think and we even enjoyed some of the fruits of my labour in the form of home grown radishes. It was a little awkward though when we were talking about jobs and I could muster up absolutely no enthusiasm for my job at all! There was a time when I actually did enjoy it but mainly I feel ground down by it at the moment. Obviously the ideal situation would be a job you love and get a good wage for it but thats where I come unstuck. The security and quality of live that my job affords me makes me want to supress my indifference to it and focus on the good bits of my life outside of work, but thats quite difficult too. I think its going to be even more difficult if I get my promotion...but then again it may re-invigorate to focus on what benefits I can bring to the role. It certainly has done that in the past.

Is it better to have a job you're indifferent to and get paid really well or a job you love but have to struggle to feed yourself?

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