Friday, March 04, 2005

Lousy Smarch weather

It always amazes me how we are so unprepared in this country for the snow! I suppose that because it happens so infrequently that we don't ever put anything in place to handle it. Oh's a nice picture of my back yard when we had some snow.

I've got a few other pictures that I might post later.

I'm currently enjoying a free friday afternoon...thats what happens when you do 12 hour days in the rest of the week! Trudged through the snow to go to Tesco and now am back home...2 hours later and the 2 inches we had this morning is gone in the sunshine. Feel a bit foolish for annoying Kathryn until she came home early. Relented and phoned her to tell her it had all gone so she could stay at work....a mistake you may say, dear reader, but the guil she'd have felt means that staying at work on a friday afternoon is preferable!

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