Sunday, March 20, 2005

Slight Insomnia??

For some reason I am up very early on a Sunday morning....I lay in bed for the last hour or so thinking about getting up. It was only at 6.45am that I finally got up...strange! Usually I can sleep through anything...there was a time once when vandals wrecked 30 cars in our street and police cars, alarms and helipcopters were chasing them and I remained bliss unaware. Its not as though I am stressed out either, or listless due to no activity, we spent all yesterday doing DIY with more to do today. Its just that I can't seem to switch my brain off!

Oh well, at least I'm doing something vaguely constructive by updating my blog! After this I have a choice of the very scary Resident Evil 4, that has scred teh shit out of me lots of times already) or a more sedate play on City of Heroes....hmmm I think City of Heroes. I'm very close to getting some fancy new powers and I want to try to break through to level 20!

Progress on the kitchen was very good yesterday. Just a little bit of plaster to remove and general prep of te walls ready for coffee liquer paint on them. My dad seemed concerned that we were working too hard on it prior to his arrival! Don't worry Dad, there's still bugger loads to do!

I only have 4 days of work left and its going to be a struggle to stay focussed! Fortunately I'm going to be really busy so that should help. Right am off to get some gaming done before Kath gets up....

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