Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here we go

I'm gearing up for quite a long stressful weekend. We've got Mum and Dad coming the day after tomorrow to help pack away most of my life into boxes to help with selling teh house.

I do see this as a good idea but part of what I like about the house is all our things that remind me of good times and people we know. The kitchen looks a bit sterile and I think the front room is going to look odd without the coffee table. Hopefully though, the new pictures will entice people to come and view and hopefully buy!

I can't quite believe its been a week since I posted though. And I've fallen off the WiiFit wagon big stylee and just when I was starting to lose weight as well. Monday I had to do the shopping, Tuesday I'd been in the car 2 hours (lets not even talk about my nightmare trip TO Watford...lets just say if I'd had an empty bottle I'd have used it), Wednesday I gave blood (and got the biggest bruise for my troubles) and tonight I just can't be arsed. Once the coffee table is gone and we've got more space it'll be easier.

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