Monday, May 05, 2008

Lazy Bank Holiday

Updated with successes!

After having 2 great and social, busy days (see here) I've decided there's only a few things I want to do today...

1) Sit on my arse Spent much of the day doing this

2) Do some WiiFit exercising (I seem to have gained 4 pounds in 2 days) Had to drag myself to set it up to just do the body test. Once I'd done that though I was keen as mustard and managed 33 minutes, mainly Step Advance & Rhythm boxing

3) Play some more The World Ends with You as once GTAIV arrives tomorrow I'm likely to be a little distracted. Yes played this and ignored the cries of my son

4) Have a roast chicken dinner. Looking out of the window I see sun and blue sky (and not the rain originally forecast) so I think it will be roast chicken, salad and roast potatoes instead of veg and gravy. This was delicious, potatoes roasted in with the chicken and turned into chewy chicken flavoured lumps

5) Play with Zachary to make up for a nail clippers/finger incident this morning. Done and I think he's forgiven me

6) Play new boardgame 1960: The Making of the President Played while handing crying baby back and forth. K rewrote history with a historic win for Nixon, I'm not sure how she did it but I think I focused too much on the large states and not the middling ones

7) Maybe get dressed Barely did this...shorts, t-shirt and flip flops


neil h said...

The final wii balance game is in fact sitting on your arse, so that would combine 1 and 2 ... :-)

Leigh said...

The problem is my arse is too big for me to squeeze on the board and its just uncomfortable!