Thursday, May 01, 2008

So whingey!

Poor little Zachary! After being so good for ages he has finally succumbed to an afternoon of crying. To be fair this was down mainly to his 2 jabs this morning. We were going ok for a few hours but then he got a bit hot and fever-y and then just cried and cried. It pains your heart!

Although so far it hasn't seemed to have disrupted the sleep routine! He went down at 7 and has been asleep since. He's a good boy really.

Been playing Ikariam recently, as recommended by Neil. Was happily expanding and researching and then an island neighbour started to attack me! I retaliated and then he complains about attacking him. So I stop and then another neighbour contacts me and says that the first neighbour had offered to give him free resources if he starts attacking me! Outrageous! SO me and the second neighnour have teamed up to kick his ass! Felt a little guilty but then the latent dictator in me broke free!

Also managed to get back on the WiiFit wagon today. After doing 8 minutes yesterday and not doing anything at lunch I did a good 30 minutes this evening and felt much better for it.

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