Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Dancing Shoes

Ok so I've managed to spend money (bad) but it was on an hour of exercise (good). The exercise in question was the weekly trip to the dance class to learn how to whirl around the floor in a flurry of turns and spins!!!

Hmm so that makes it sound so much better than it actually is! We did finally get to grips with the slow foxtrot which is a blessed relief as we were really bad at it until tonight. Pat (the instructor) also showed us the 'check and weave' in the waltz which she always shows us thinking its the first time! Consequently we've learnt it about 8 times now ans its really starting to annoy me! Hopefully next week she'll remember we've already learnt it and show us something else. The school's website is here

Anyway I do need to spend some money now as I've been putting off getting some dancing shoes for months. I do have some spare cash and I do need the shoes. I'll be getting them from a shop cheerfully called Glamour Gear which makes it sound rather more like a sex shop than anything else.

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