Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hectic Days

Yesterday was so hectic that I completely forgot to fill in my blog!!!

Work was busy as usual, its like I've never been on holiday....

After work Kath & I went to give blood. We used the new appointment system which worked fine for me but not so great for Kath. I do always feel good for having given blood but when I'm lying there I do feel an almost uncontrollable urge to pull out the needle!!! Its not painful, I'm just incredibly aware that there is something sticking in my arm and I want to scratch it out. Fortunately I've resisted the urge so far! Everybody who is able should give blood, there really are no excuses!! An interesting (well maybe) fact about me is that I'm AB positive which I think makes me the universal receiver (ie any body's blood will do for me) Unfortunately for everyone else my blood can only go to people also AB positive...and thats only 2% of the UK population.

We were also due to go to the Theatre to Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood (a rock and roll panto). We did eventually make it after a hold up in McDonalds. We missed the first 5 minutes but were let in after that! It was great! And a full house! It always annoys me when we go to see a good show/play and the theatre is only half full. People are probably too busy watching ITV to give a damn about quality theatre. Hmm I'm not a snob really... :-)

We got home just in time to see Desparate Housewives (Channel 4, its OK!) which has had a massive promotional presence on the small screen recently. I actually really enjoyed it except for Nicolette Sheridan who looked as if she'd been under the surgeon's knife one too many times. I remember her from repeats of Knots Landing I used to watch on UK Gold after escaping college on Friday afternoons for my driving lessons...ahhh nostalgia!

Anyhow the MOST exciting thing yesterday was a parcel from my friends Krista and Brent in the US. It seems we have a number of small gifts and lengthy instructions on how to open them (all I'm saying is that it involves sheet music and making up a song!). We were too tired last night and tonight Kath has gone off to join a new orchestra...we'll have to wait until tomorrow...I'm quite excited!

Other notable news is that I made headway into one of my resolutions and set up a new savings account with ING. It looks to have a good rate of interest and seems pretty much hassle free...hooray!

Ok since my wife is out I'm going to make the most of this time and get some video gaming in! I'm currently playing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and its distrcated me from the other games I was in the middle of little time so much to do!

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Niles said...

Hey, you've got the links a-working just fine, hombre. I wanna get me some tap-shoes.