Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another day

Another day of writing lots of reports and manipulating data…am I starting to get jaded? I don’t know but my upper arms ache, that I do know!

Spent some of today looking at frying pans on the ‘net, god, isn’t my life just chock full of thrills? Anyway I do want to get a new one as the non-stick is starting to go a bit funny on mine. In hindsight we should have put more expensive pans on the wedding list, but we didn’t think anyone would want to buy them. As it was the whole list went and we ended up with loads of vouchers as well, maybe next time….

I can’t decide between the Circulon 2 or the Anolon Professional. What I did find surprising is that almost all the different pans I looked at are made by the same company! Meyer UK. The ones we have at home and both of the ones mentioned here are all made by the same firm. I wonder if its like washing machines where they are all the same inside and just look fancier on the outside to capture a different market? I’m not sure that applies to frying pans though. It’s a shame there’s no way to try them out before hand. Anyway not sure why I’m looking as because of my furious spending I’ve got no money left until pay day.

BT shares seem to be doing bizarrely well at the moment. Usually whenever we announce results they take a nosedive but they’re hovering around £2.30 at the moment. This is good as I own a few shares outright and significantly more as Options at £1.99. Hopefully they’ll keep on rising!

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Next time!!!!!!!!!!!