Monday, March 13, 2006

The Games

No, not the awful celebrity TV show where has-beens try and kick start their careers by doing pointless things on TV but my obsession with these kind of pastimes. I just love games! The most obvious manifestation of this (as in evidenced by my multiple posts on the subject) is video games. Sometimes I just can’t get enough of them. My passion for WoW has been re-ignited when I finally finished of a string of Mage quests which resulted in me getting a swanky new wand, but that’s not what I want to type about today.

I’m talking classic games, board games if you will. Now I have a friend who proclaims to absolutely hate them (although I’m sure it’s all a front) to the extent that whenever he gives one to me as a present it’s on the condition that he never has to play it! But I just love ‘em! I currently have in my house 4 versions of Monopoly (I think, it might be 3 actually) including Nottingham and Justice League of America. The problem with these games is that they have pretty complex rules and no-one (except me) wants to play them as they can take ages. Although the only time I am able to convince my mother to play, she beats me every time!

Current game favourites at the moment are Perudo , no complicated rules, no boards, just some dice. This was a present from R&R and everyone we’ve had play it, really enjoys it. It’s about bluffing, lying and odds.

Milles Bourne is another favourite. Originally we were introduced to this by the chap above (which seems odd given his aversion to games, it’s all a front, I tell you) who would only let us play with his ancient set if we washed our hands first. It’s essentially a team game about traffic and its all in French! Pretty good though one you get the hang on it!

Another one I want to get (as soon as I'm paid) is called Fluxx. Its a card game where the cards that are played chane the rules of the game! Sounds like there only one rule to learn at the start and then new rules are introduced by playing certain cards...sounds like fun! This same company makes one called Chrononauts as well, which looks pretty good.


neil h said...

I love Mille Bournes - I have a good version of it on my Palm computer and a card game of it as well. Nice mix of strategy and luck, with the joy of hammering somebody with a hazard card ... :-)

Leigh said...

I have to stop myself putting on an awful french accent and screaching the name of the hazard every time I play one!