Monday, March 06, 2006


Work was deathly dull today, I hadn’t realised quite how much time I spent on the phone to my colleague. She’s off and now I’m languishing a bit. You can tell we’ve managed to get more organised as this week is supposed to be the busiest of the month but I spent a lot of it doing admin-y things like responding to very old email and checking out links I should have looked at ages ago.

It’s frustrating because it’s clear that I thrive on the havoc of setting something up from scratch and find it hard to get motivated about the documentation and stuff. I want problems to fix! The big problem is that the problems I want to fix are most definitely the responsibility of another team and I have to keep my nose out!

Had a great if very tiring weekend. Three birthdays in March (Emma, Paul & Rachel) and we hadn’t bought a single thing. Up early on Saturday and trawling the shops, we had to buy something today as the main reason I’m so tired is that we went to Nottingham to see the aforementioned birthday people. The presents were all bought and Kath had managed to find a top to buy to wear and I was mooching around trying to get enthused. The shirt I wanted to wear is bizarre and just won’t get clean! Each time it goes through the machine it comes out dirtier!

In an effort to get excited about it picked up 5 things I kinda liked and went to try them on. 10 minutes later and I’d spent £220 on a jacket, 2 shirts, a jumper and some jeans! Eeek! My little early month spending spree (the clothes were just part of it…got a little carried way online) has wiped me out and so I’ll be buying very little at the supermarket this week. Kath seems a bit put out that my spending extravagance means we’ll be eating ‘Value’ food this week but my view is that it’s a good opportunity to use up some of the stuff that is bulging from my store-cupboard and freezer.

Went and had cocktails at Santa Fe at the Corner House in Nottingham. Mohita, Chocolate covered strawberry and Carrot Cake for me and lots of other lovely things for the others. Then had a great meal at a place called Punchinello’s (apparently the oldest restaurant in Nottingham). Made the mistake I always do of ordering too much wine and was very hungover. This in itself wouldn’t usually be a problem but we had to be up at 6.30am the next morning to drive back to Ipswich to get Kath to a concert rehearsal for 10am. Fortunately the roads were clear and we managed to squeeze in tea, toast and an episode of Arrested Development season 2 before I had to take Kath to the rehearsal.

Attended said concert in the afternoon with Becks & Ralph and spent most of the time trying to persuade Rebecca to go to the doctors/dentist to get her swollen cheek looked at (apparently calling her ‘Becky Big Mouth’ didn’t help). The concert was good and then it was home for a chance to sit on my backside and snooze. ‘Watched’ (tried to stay awake and missed 5 minutes of the finale) Elektra on Sunday evening and was a bit disappointed to be honest. Jennifer Garner was good (although can’t shake the feeling that she was just Sydney Bristow on a slightly longer mission) but the story was a bit weak and having Goran Visnjic playing an all American dad with his own eastern European accent was just odd. Can’t he do any other accents?

Went to bed and read The Ultimates vol 2: Gods and Monsters and was left with a massive cliffhanger, hope I won’t have to wait too long for some sort of resolution. Felt knackered this morning and going to a step class at lunchtime didn’t help!

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