Sunday, January 07, 2007


Managed to have a pretty successful weekend all in all.

With the new year comes the desire to sort the house out and we made a pretty good start this weekend. Now that the plaster on the stairs & landing walls is fully dry (I left it 7 months just to be sure) we've repainted and it looks pretty good. 2 layers of miscoat and a final top coat (although it may need some touching up tomorrow) and its done. The woodwork was all re-done too.

We also went and ordered the new carpets as well. These will go through the lounge & dining room and then up the stairs and onto the landing. It's going to cost about what I'd budgeted for but more than I wanted to pay. In the end it wasn't really the carpet that cost it was the underlay (underlay, underlay, heba, heba), gripper rods and bits and bobs. The fitting was going to be the most expensive I though but that worked out at £104. The way I'm looking at it is that we'll enjoy it for another year and then it'll help sell the house when the time comes.

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