Monday, January 08, 2007

Poor Wand'ring one!

The novelty of my iPod has yet to wear off and for that I am glad. Listened to a good section of The Pirates of Penzance on my walk back to the car from the office. It was that bit where the ladies first come on and they meet Frederic and then sing about the weather...super! While I remember there's a Radio 2 documentary running on Sunday evenings about Gilbert & Sullivan....missed the first but should be able to get it on Listen Again.

It was good that I had something to listen to as the North Gate was closed when I left and I had to trudge around to the main gate. Usually I wouldn't mind the extra time but it was cold , dark, windy and wet and every extra step was resented. To be fair it was my own fault for skiving off early but a conversation with M at work had left me wanting to get home to make dinner. We had a couple of chicken thighs left over from Saturday (Cous-cous and pine nut stuffed, chicken thigh, baked and served on a rocket and herb salad with orange and mustard dressing) and my mind was reeling at the possibilities! Chicken & sweetcorn broth with quinoa is simmering on the hob as I type! Yum!

Managed to finish the story mode on Rabbids yesterday and unlocked a load of extra challenges. Hopefully they'll fill some time before some more games come out. I'm tempted to get Marvel: Ultimate Alliance despite its mediocre ratings as I know K and I will have a blast playing it but I've got to watch my cash as we seem to be spend, spend, spend at the mo. And thats not even thinking about K's upcoming 30th birthday, the plans for which are very definitely afoot but need some additional effort on my part to fully coalesce.

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