Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Interesting Entry

I read this blog and then read other blogs and can’t help but think I’ve got nothing of any import to say! Other blogs discuss important things and detail often profound reflections on life/reality/the universe. Mine talks about shopping, video games and cooking. Hmm bit of a difference. Is anybody really interested in what I write? I wonder how many people actually read this blog?

Despite this I think I’ll plough on as I’m pretty sure at least one person reads it. Well I know I read his….

Perhaps if I had more time and made this a priority to complete (by setting aside 20 minutes day perhaps) then more insightful comments would appear. Having said that trying to force out an update a day may result in a load of banal tripe that is of no interest to anyone…who knows?


Matt said...

Thanks for your comment Leigh! I think I'll be happy working there. How are things going at BT? Have they made you CEO yet:-)?
By the by,I read your blog; you'd be surprised how interesting it is just to read about someone elses life!

Leigh said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence! It must be something about reading another person's life.

Not quite CEO yet but just had a decent pay rise so can't complain!

Keep reading!