Monday, February 07, 2005

Out and about on the town....

.....or Massive Update part 3.

Still gots loads of things to provide an update on although I'm finding it hard to focus on the screen. That's what work will do for you! Exercised as well today so I'm gonna have sore legs in the morning.

I had my hopes cruelly lifted and then dashed by the missus today. She thought my new super duper video game console had arrived but it, in fact, turned out to be the personalised Monopoly set I ordered for my parent's 25th Wedding anniversary. Hasbro offer a great service where you can customise the whole board with new streets and everything! My brother and I came up wth the titles and hopefully my parent's will like it. If they don't and in case they are reading this its OK because we have something else up our sleeves.

Ok before I start the update proper I just want to say that I've discovered pies! Alright that is a slight exaggeration having been the butt of a 'Who ate all the pies...' style chant when I was younger. What I should have said was I have discovered the joy of making pies! My new food processor makes pastry effortless and a big pie can feed us for Sunday and then Monday as well. Handy when we usually have to do the shopping on a Monday evening. Today's is mince, potato and onion and last week's was Chicken and Bacon! Delicious!

Any update for what we've been doing since Jan 9th. It was my lovely wife's birthday towards the end of the month and her sister arranged for us to go and see 'Relative Values' in Norwich at the Maddermarket theatre . We had a great time! We also did some shopping in Norwich and I bought a load of crap that I didn't need but we won't go into that (home pretzel making kit....what was I thinking?)

Next up and K had bought me some tickets to go and see The Prodcuers at the Theatre Royal Druy Lane. It was fantastic! I urge anyone reading this who likes the theatre to GO AND SEE IT!

Right I'm off to do something else as my eyes hurt and I'll need to do a separate update for what we did the weekend just passed! As a hint I'll just say it involved a pair of Marigolds and a lot of gay men.

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Niles said...

Soo... pies... blind baked? Pie crust just on top or all around?

Sounds like a lorra lorra work...