Sunday, February 06, 2005

Massive Update

As the title suggests this is going to be a massive update! I had gotten lazy and I'd decided that I would only update my blog once my friend Alex had updated his. I thought this was a sure fire way of not having to update anything! But no, to spite me his blog saw a flurry of activity and so I am forced to update mine!

Its hard to beleive that it has been almost a month since I updated my blog! Time sure does fly when you get old! Such a lot has happened that I'll probably forget to include everything but I'll try my best. I may even attenpt to reinstate one of my resolutions and update this every day!

Where to begin?? OK resolution update.....

Exercise....Wahey I've actually done some! Went to aerobics twice last week and am attempting to make this a regular occurrence. This should be very achieveable as long as I'm not working out of the office. We have also started private dance lessons! These should help us with our shoddy technique but I am dreading the lesson when Bruce asks to see our quick step!! Along with the Foxtrot that is the dance that we can't do!

To help with the exercise I have also bought a cheap Yoga dvd and will attempt to learn the basics. When it arrives and after I have undertaken some, I'll provide an update. I've aso bought a slimming/hypnosis book which caught my eye and hopefully along with the exercise the weight should start to drop off!

The saving money seems to be going well also as I now have £200 in my savings account and so far its staying there!

Alas the not spending money on crap resolution has pitifully fallen by thewayside. My ability to spend money seems undiminised! My only rationalisations are that I don't smoke, I save, I don't go out all the time and apart from the mortgage I'm debt free....why shouldn't I spend my hard eaned money?

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