Tuesday, February 22, 2005


If anyone suggests that you go to Ikea in a single car and leave the other one at home, say NO!! It seemed like such a great idea. Not only would we be able to be social with our guests (sister in law and partner) it would act as a deterrent to buying too much stuff. While the first held true, it certainly didn’t stop us spending a significant amount of money between us.

The interesting part was the Krypton Factor style challenge of getting everything wedged into the car for the journey home. Whilst we did eventually manage it (albeit after 3 attempts) the new futon mattress didn’t escape unscathed! Kath’s skill with a needle and thread is definitely required!

Despite all that we have a new coffee table looks great and we’ve finally thrown out (well its sat in the spare room, ready to be thrown out) my old canvas and plastic, fixed together with press studs (don’t ask!) bedside cabinet which was serving as a telephone table in the dining room.

We suddenly feel very grown up having a coffee table. Until now we’ve never had one and as far as I can recall my parents never had one either. True it does get in the way of the ironing board and stops us from practising dance steps in the lounge but with its handy under table storage that double as extra seats I can forgive it the space it takes up!

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