Sunday, September 10, 2006


Despite the many walks on our holiday, I've come back half a stone heavier. Hmm the copious pasta meals, chocolate and cream teas may have something to do with that!

Anyway it would appear I am approaching the dreaded 13 stone mark and I don't want to!!!


FitDay tracks your food and excercise and shows where you're going wrong. Pros: Free, seem easy to use. Cons: Not sure it actually offers you advice on what you need to do. It's American, so has US measures, food names etc.

WeightWatchers Online Pros: It's run by the pros. I lost 1 stone on this last time I did it. Cons: It seems pretty pricey, £40 for month one, then £10 for each month after. Can I bear to count points? Or live off the 'Free' menu?

Slimming World Online bodyOPTIMISE Pros: It's run by the pros. Their online tools look pretty snazzy. It's something new. Apparently I could lose 10lbs by this time next month. Cons: It's pricey as well, no initial fee but £20 a month (with a minimum 3 month subscription).

Hmm...decisions, decisions!


Alex said...

Fitday does now have a free online version that also lets you humiliate yourself by posting your journal to the unwitting public, as you'll probably have seen on Dogwood Tales. But as you say, it's wholly US measures and weights, and doesn't know about British food. It doesn't even know what a sultana is!

I've been doing it on and off and found that (assuming I'm typing up all I eat, big assumption!) I'm more or less within my calorie allowance, but I'm eating crap and barely getting any nutrients. Well, that shouldn't really have come as a surprise to me.

None of these things seems to be particularly good to me if you actually cook for yourself. They all seem geared up for prepackaged food with nutrition labels.

Neil said...

I've been adding all of my normal foods, which then makes it easy to fill in a typical day (weetabix, ham and cheese sandwhich, bag of crisps etc.) in one go. Meals that you cook yourself are a bit more hit and miss, but I think the site is useful to give yourself an idea of what you are actually eating and how many calories you are burning.

Leigh said...

I plumped for bodyOPTIMISE in the end. I just couldn't face counting WW points, even though it has been successful for me in the past. Signed up and have now committed everyone around me to incessant conversations about Green & Red days and what Syn points I've eaten!

I thought about FitDay but when it comes to exercise and your publisc journal have you actually been selecting Sex or have you put in a different activity that uses the same calories??