Sunday, September 17, 2006


It's been a busy weekend!

I've recovered after Friday's tense wait for the European Wii press conference. We are getting it this year (Dec 8th), it won't be too expensive (£179) and it'll come with a free game (Wii Sports). I've booked the day off and am just waiting for Gameplay or Amazon to open their preorder services so I can get it and a load of games and accessories in. You can get the full low down here.

The internet community has gone a little crazy over it though. Penny Arcade sums it up best I think. I especially like the phrase "retard rodeo". This was all because Nintendo have decided to make a profit on their hardware this time round instead of making a loss in the hopes of recouping it on software sales. This isn't how the console market traditionally works. It interesting to note that you can only try this strategy (i.e. make a loss on hardware) if you're a large company with other divisions that are making profit (see Microsoft & Sony) which Ninteno isn't and also that through the life of the Xbox it never broke even!!!

We had a very short notice visit from Mum who needed a place to stay for a golf tournament even though we were going to be away in Nottingham celebrating Mr. Palmer's 31st birthday. Great to see everyone and decided to put the diet on hold for one meal. Ate quite a lot but nowhere near what we would usually eat which is good. In fact the scales show a loss of 7 pounds this week, although I think this is partly due to faulty scales and the fact I would have lost some anyway as I was no longer on constant gorge mode like I was on holiday. Anyway we're giving it another week as we've discovered some more really nice things I can make and we're able to eat for free on the diet!

While in Nottingham I also managed to snag a pair of sky blue flared cords and a lime green silky seventies shirt! It's for the show, not because I like those things!

Although having said that I did have a penchant for Knots Landing! Radio 2s betamax challenge quiz on the Stuart Maconie show reminded's a clip for your delight...

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