Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Master of magic, spells and illusion

I think it was at Emma & Paul's birthday bash that I was singing the theme to this TV show. Not sure why I was exactly but it might have been that someone mentioned it or didn't believe I could.

Anyway here it is for you to enjoy....

It also looks like they'll be releasing this on DVD soon...hmm might be tempted!

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Rui said...

hei! the video is down, i got to it searching for "master of magic, spells n illusion"... what series was it??
i'm 30 :) n yesterday me and a friend we're remembering some series from childhood (the 80's sure are back...), and all we could remember was that line...
your blog is very good. a bit nostalgic.
did u also watch "les mysterieux cit├ęs d'or"?? :p