Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Why is it that I just don’t seem to have the time for anything at the moment? I seem to be in a constant state of tiredness and yet don’t have such a great deal to show for it? Perhaps my desire to do lots of interesting stuff has meant I don’t focus on relaxing and unwinding as much as I should.

Work seems a bit of a drag at the moment to be honest with some days just an endless list of stuff that needs doing without any view as to the whole point of it all. Added to that I’m going on a course next week and I have to do 8 hours of pre-work before then. I either fit it in during the day or do it at home. Neither appeal to be honest.

I want to do more exercise and all last week I parked away from the office and walked the last mile in. This week I just can’t be arsed!

Evenings are a bit of a wash out as well at the moment. We have G&S rehearsals once a week (which in spite of myself I’m enjoying much more), dancing once a week and then the remaining nights get filled with house jobs and trying to watch the good telly/DVDs that we’ve been storing up. I think the biggest problem is that we’ve not had a free weekend in ages.The last few have been Paris, Cumbria, Cumbria, Nottingham, Wales and this one coming up is Norwich. Hmmm, I hadn’t realised quite how busy we’d been. Don’t get me wrong, the travelling has been great but in hindsight it would have perhaps been better if we’d spread it out a little more!

The biggest casualty so far has been video games. This includes GameCube (Chibi still hasn’t sorted out The Sanderson’s problems), Xbox (I don’t know how The Bard’s Tale ends) & DS (I dread to think how infested my Animal Crossing village is at the moment) and my weekly Sunday evening Neverwinter Nights have fallen by the wayside.

What I also miss is time to cook. This one is a little tricky at the moment because of the diet but I haven’t really had chance to play in the kitchen for ages. Celebrity Masterchef is giving me ideas as are a couple of the food website I go to. But time and the fact I seemed drained at the moment make the kitchen a place of work and not play.

This is all quite aside from the new things I’d like to give a try or find out more about. These include Geocaching, Morris Dancing and Photography.

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