Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I can hear sawing

Despite claims that the bathroom would be finished today I can hear sawing coming from downstairs and there's still a builder in my house!

They turned up at 7.20am this morning while I was frying a 'Red' day breakfast (bacon & mushroom omelettes) and returning at 5pm tonight I can't tell if they've done anything. The mirror, shelf, bath panels, radiator, cupboard & loo holder are still in the dining in their boxes. I suppose he might have been boxing things in but I'm not about to start poking my nose in.

There were here quite late last night at well, only leaving at 6.55pm. Normally this would be fine but since we were due to go to a rehearsal at 7.10pm and the kitchen was full of tools I couldn't cook dinner. My carefully thought of 'Green' day meal (vegetable stirfry) had to be hastily replaced with a pan of quick cook pasta with some peas and a stock cube thrown in for good measure and then swirled with olive oil and parmesan. To be fair it didn't taste all that bad but I'd got my mind set on something else.

It's only day 2 and to be honest I haven't been thrown into a massive depression about it. I even managed to fit in some exercise as well! I shan't mention that I had to do this as my normal step class had to be shoved aside while I got brow-beaten over the phone by a team that wants some new reports.

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