Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bad Blogger

Yes I am bad, despite lots going on this week I haven't blogged!

Where to start? Had my first cookery class last week and managed to make a passable vichyssoise (or Vichee-su-wars as the woman on the phone called it, not my tutor thankfully just someone telling me what the first dish was gonna be) and looking forward to mussel casserole next week.

Spending most of my free time playing Dragon Quest. I love this game...very catchy music which I've now transferred to my new mobile as its ring tone. I've decided to actually start using a personal mobile phone again. It's not really fair for K to be the contactable one all the time and I need to bite the bullet and use it properly. The problem is when you have a work mobile you don't tend to want to lug 2 around. Having said that because I switch the work one off in the evenings & weekends no-one can get hold of me. This will change...I'm just going to have to get everyone else accustomed to using my personal one!

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