Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fanboy no more

Wikipedia has pages on virtually anything although I gather you have to take some of the pages with a pinch of salt. Anyway the point of the post is that I finally (after a week of dithering) bought myself a PlayStation 2. Despite the fact I'm skint and some rather belaboured theories about getting money out of the bank and seeing if I could last a month without spending it and then buying one, I think the moment I made that mental decision to buy it, the fact I don't have ready cash didn't then matter. I am an adult and I have ways of buying things for which I do not have the ready cash (credit cards).

Anyway spent an enjoyable few days sampling the delights of We Love Katamari, Okami & Final Fantasy 10. Katamari is plain odd (but in a good way), Okami desperately wants to be Zelda (gameplay, structure, the works) but is great nonetheless and the story in FFX is involving but I wish there were more uninterrupted bits I could play rather than press through another conversation with someone else. Hopefully that will ease off as the story becomes more established. That being said I'm having a great time with it.

The console itself is small and silver but I'm not sure about the controller. It's got a fierce rumble but I prefer the layout and buttons on the Gamecube pad. I also prefer different shaped buttons as they are easier for me as I haven't a clue where circle, square, triangle and X are in relation to each other on the pad. I'll probably get the hang of it soon enough.

Canis Canem Edit
should arrive tomorrow and I have high hopes it'll have the gameplay of GTA but not the awful gangsta violence undertone. I think Dragon Quest 8 is due to arrive also. The best thing about coming to a console late is that there is a massive library from which one can pick the classics and most games are dirt cheap!

Others on my wish list to get are Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Kingdom Hearts. I think I'll wait until I finish a few others first!

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