Monday, February 12, 2007

The Chronicles of Caple

Usually I don’t get too worked up playing video games but I’ve reached a new level of frustration with The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe for ‘cube.

I bought this for K for her birthday as I thought it would be an enjoyable romp through one of K’s favourite books and films. Like X-Men Legends we could play co-op and have a nice time. Not likely! This game is tough and my tolerance is fractured at the best of times!

To be honest I think this is half and half in terms of who’s to blame. K is scared to do anything unless I tell her too (I’ll probably shout if she does something wrong) but then blindly follows me when I say something foolish or wrong. I think she needs to pay more attention and I need to be more patient! That said I’m still quite enjoying it…hopefully she is too.

I’ve been slowly but surely brainwashing K into liking video games. It started with small things such as bongo games and watching me play and now is co-op games and a DS console that belongs to her. I still buy all the games she plays though. I think the point at which she selects, chooses and buys her own games the brainwashing will be complete! The downside at the moment is that I only end up buying her things I won’t mind playing as well!

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