Saturday, February 17, 2007


Despite the fact that I'm skint, I'm still a sucker for a bargain. This leaves me with a dilemma, which of the 7 PS2 games should i be devoting my time to? Ico & Kingdom Hearts arrived today despite Amazon telling me that they would be here in a couple of weeks time (i.e. after I had gotten paid).

I had settled into a routine of mainly Dragon Quest with side helpings of Okami & Canem Canis Edit (FFX had been relegated as I can't cope with 2 turn based RPGs at once) but now I've got these new games in the mix!

Also some new mobile phones (which bizarrely are actually going to be less money that the ones we have now) should arrive today and I've already been scouring the internet to find Dragon Quest MP3s to have as my ring tone since Bananaphone is already taken.


Kat said...

Oh my word - you have traded up! Is this the new blogger? I may have to change too - looks really nice Leigh. Got a new recipe on my site - ignore the crap spelling - hope y'all is ok! Don't forget, huge fancy dress for my 30TH - i HAVE SOME HUGE SHOULDER PADS!

Leigh said...'s much easier to move stuff around on the blog as well.

Still have to source costume but I have a linen jacket somewhere...I may turn up as a Southern Lawyer with a drawl as long as your arm and a stetson to match! (Hmm that really doesn't make sense but go with it!