Friday, February 02, 2007

Seven things I've learned in the last seven days

1. The only product that will make my hair look as good as it did when I had it cut last Friday is the product they keep trying to get me to buy at the salon. It must be magic or something...nothing else has made my hair look as good as it did on Friday!

2. Starfox Command eats hours like nobody's business! Train journey...flew by! Nap time...gone! Soup cooking time...where are you?

3. K enjoyed her birthday weekend (photos in the usual place) I enjoyed it as well...especially the aforementioned haircut, the new swanky clothes I bought, the trip to London, seeing Wicked and the Game On exhibition (although we did visit it 5 years ago when it was at the Barbican.)

4. History Repeats itself. Game On at the Barbican convinced me (and K) that it would be a good idea to buy a Gamecube. Game On at the Science Museum convinced me it would be a good idea to buy a PS2 (not 3).

5. Day 7 is my itchy face day. I haven't shaved since last Saturday and only this morning remarked to K that I had passed itchy day, I was wrong. Itching like a bastard and can't wait to shave it in the morning!

6. CSI remains good and exciting even though we're at Season 7. Watched the 2 part season opener this week...what is it with that freaky eye?!?!

7. It is possible for me to exercise and not hate it. I have traveled the last part of my work journey on foot for 4 days this week and enjoyed the opportunity to listen to my iPod.

8. Bum....I wanted to mention this so we'll ignore the fact it is Number 8....New carpets are lovely!


neil h said...

Did you get a chance to play Guitar Hero on the big screen at Game On? It's worth buying a PS2 for that alone (which we did!), although there are plenty of other good games to pick up as well.

Leigh said...

Not sure about Guitar Hero...but an impressive stack of Japanese RPGs and Parappa has me wavering.

We also saw MotoStorm on the big screen and yes it looks pretty but my god did it look dull! Maybe its because I'm not too keen on racing games or that the people playing it were shite but really is it any wonder PS3s are piling high on the shelves of Japan & US when this is their falgship game?

Bob said...
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Bob said...

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