Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Baby Elephant!

K is taking every opportunity to use the very local children's centres to get the little super star weighed!

He's now 5.16 kg (which in baby weight is 11.4 pounds!) That means he's put on 3 pounds in 4 weeks! He's huge....and consequently has outgrown his size 1 nappies and some sleepsuits/vests have already been consigned to the 'too small/save for next baby(!)' box.

Still getting through the tiredness at the moment and wasn't sure how good a host I was when Paul & Alex visited yesterday. We had a great catch up and Zachary was relatively well behaved, although he did get a bit hot and fidgety!

We also took the 'don't change him unless he's distressed about it' thing too far yesterday and ended up with a-poo-coming-out-the-back-of-his-nappy-while-K-was-feeding-him-in-our-bed-at-2am-this
morning incident. Deep joy!

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