Saturday, April 19, 2008

Z's big Midlands Adventure!

If its not been clear so far with my posts having a baby is a life changing experience! I spent some time away this week (as detailed in K's blog but I'm not sure I like being referred to as a cat or my family as mice!) and it was strange. On the one hand I missed them both a lot but also I liked not having to think about anyone but myself (how selfish!) and then the guilt at liking not having to think about anyone else!

I practically flew home from Fleet after my only took 2 hours 10 minutes!!! It must be a record! (Well for me anyway!)

The last couple of days can only be considered a success. Z was a bit of a pain trying to go to sleep last night at Mum's (we reckon unfamiliar surroundings and a very hot living room) but managed to sleep for 4 and a half hours straight (another new record!) and then slept for 5 hours in the day! (Will wonders never cease!?!?)

We did manage to see a number of houses...

Great garden, noisy road, smelly and a potential road widening of the M1 that might cause future prices to plummet.

Tiny kitchen, 1 room pretending to be 2 on the particulars, lovely upstairs decor, throat closing combination of cat hair and air freshener.

Nice village, on A6, no parking at all, wet dog, no bathroom, dirty, smelly, under East Midlands flight path, rooms much smaller in the flesh.

Very helpful agent, last minute viewing, lovely interior, noisy road, second viewing with mum in tow, smallish kitchen, flexible options for living, would make an offer if not for...

Nice family, kitchen to die for, smallish outdoor space, no off road parking, big rooms, 2 toilets, good location, underfloor heating in bathroom, offer being made by us on Monday!


Niles said...

Wow, I love the hall tiles.

Leigh said...

Yeah...the period features really helped sell it to us. Just not got to get too excited about it in case a) they don't accept our offer (which I would hope is unlikely as we're offering the asking price) or b) we can't sell our house or something else disastrous happens!